“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’


03rd Term - 2022(2023)

January 2023

January 03rd -March 24th

02nd Monday 

Staff Meeting & Boarders return to College 

03rd Tuesday  School reopen
06th Friday 

Full moon poya day

13th Friday  The service of Institution and Installation of the New Headmaster
15th Sunday Thai pongal day
16th Monday- 23rd Monday Registration of Grade 1 Students
27th Friday Exercise Books to Ofiice (Grade 6-8)


February 2023

04th Saturday 

National Independence Day

11th Saturday Mid-Term Holiday
17th -19th 

OBA Weekend

19th Sunday  Boarders return to the College
20th Monday  School reopen
22nd Wednesday  Ash Wednesday - Terminal Holy Communion Service
24th Friday Exercise books to office (Grade 9-11)


March 2023

14th  - 24th March 03rd Term Test for Grade 10 & 11
16th  - 24th March 03rd Term Test for Grade 6 & 9
24th Friday  End of Term